Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Man in Love with Me is Already Dead (story written in grade 7)

Heyyyy every1!!! :):) sorry i haven't been updating my blogs for a really long time!! i've been REALLYYY busyyy~ a lot of homework and stuff :/ or i've just been on my iPod too much ahaha... anyways, for this blog, imma show u guys a story that I've written myself...it's about a girl who moved to a new school and got bullied by a popular snobby girl on the first day...then a "mysterious boy" covered in injuries starts to appear out of nowhere and he "saves" the girl...at last, she confronts him and what happens then...??


It all started out when Sam moved to a new school called St. Sherman High. She was a new student...and also a bit of an 'emo'. She's not actually emo, but just dresses in full black clothing. She was afraid, afraid that she wouldn't fit in with anyone and would just get bullied real badly like in her last school. It was nerve-wracking but she did her best to have confidence! As she walked into the school, everyone was staring at her weirdly and whispered to one another. She didn't care what they said. Instead, she just kept walking forward with her head held high. She hurried to the front office of the school and told them she was a transfer student and needed her locker combination. After that, she went straight to her locker to put her bag in and take the books needed for first period, Physics.

As she entered the class room, the class went from noisy, to pin drop silent. They stared at her in different ways. Some with disgust, some with curiosity, some with annoyance and some looked at her as if she was a freak. Which she thought she actually was. "Now, now, everyone. Don't you know that staring is rude?" the teacher said, and apologized to Sam for their rudeness. "Now, this is Sam Willows. A new transfer student. Please make good friends with her and make her feel welcome." the teacher smiled. "Sam, please take a seat nest to Tyson." the teacher gestured to a seat next to a really good-looking boy who smiled at her kindly.

Not knowing that one of the girls were staring at them with jealousy and anger. She walked over to her desk and as she was about to sit down, her chair was pulled backwards and she fell hard on the floor hitting her head on the pulled chair at the same time. Pain struck through her. Especially her head. "Owww...." Sam said, cupping her head with her hands. Everyone in the class bursts into laughter and she realized that the one who pulled her chair was a very pretty brunette girl that sat behind her. "JESSICA!! Stop that this instant!!" the teacher shouted. Jessica giggled and dropped her smirk to a smile....an evil smile. "Oh, sorry!" she said sarcastically.

Suddenly, Jessica froze into a statue. Her eyes went wide and she collapsed to the floor, putting her hands around her neck and choking herself. Her whole body started shaking crazily and her face went extremely pale. Everyone including the teacher hurried to her while a few kids ran to get help. Jessica's friends were shaking her softly, almost crying. Time slowed for Sam. Sam looked around the room for ideas. But instead of finding something useful, she saw....a boy.

He was standing in the corner of the classroom, staring at her. He was covered in cuts and bruises, his face was as white as snow but very smooth and his lips her ice blue. His clothes were all ripped and dirty. Sam froze. "Who was he? Where did he come from? Why is he injured? Why is he staring at me?" Those questions filled Sam's mind, but for some reason, she couldn't breathe a word of it. He opened his mouth for a second as if he wanted to say something but then, didn't and closed his mouth.

He looked at Jessica and for a moment there, Sam thought he looked a bit angry. As he raised his hands, pointing at Jessica, to everyone's shock, she floated up in the air. She flew across the room and slammed into the wall...HARD, breaking almost every bone in her body and until she almost made a whole through the wall. Some of my classmates gasped while the others screamed and cried. "I...I can't move. What am i suppose to do?It feels like I'm stuck on the spot." Sam thought to herself. She looked back at the boy and could see he was about to do something again. "No!!! Stop!! Please!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs while cupping her head with her hands and closing her eyes tightly, tears over flowing.

After awhile, a hand was gently placed on her shoulder and she jumped in surprise to see Tyson staring at her with worried eyes. "Are you okay?" he asked. She quickly looked over to the corner of where she saw the boy, but...he was already gone. "what just happened? What i dreaming?" She asked herself. She looked over to Jessica was. The ambulance came and placed her carefully on a stretcher with an oxygen mask strapped on her face. Sam was breathing heavily. She was confused and....afraid. After awhile, Jessica was sent to the hospital and the students were sent home early.

The final bell rang and Sam walked out of the classroom to her locker. Putting her books in her bag and closing her locker, she breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness nothing else weird happened." she thought to herself. She went out of the school to walked to the direction of her house. While walking, she heard something shout, "Hey!! Get out of the way!! I can't break!!" a boy shouted. Sam turned around to see a boy around her age on a bike, losing control and about to crash into her. Sam screamed. But instead of getting run over, the bike flipped backwards, causing the boy to fall off and hit the ground hard. "Ouch...ow..." the boy said in pain. Sam gasped. She hurried over to him to help him up, but then...she saw him.

The boy...the same boy from earlier, standing under a tree, staring at her. Sam's eyes went wide in horror and fear. He stared at her with really sad eyes. Then suddenly disappeared into thin air. "Hey, what are you looking at?" the boy that got injured asked. Sam stood there, frozen. "He appeared again! Who is he?!" Sam thought to herself. "I'm so sorry! But i have to go now!" Sam apologized to the boy and sprinted home. "Hey!!! Wait a minute!! Where are you going?!" the boy called. The further Sam ran, the lesser she could hear his voice calling. Sam ran as fast as she could without even thinking...about looking back.

Weird stuff has been happening to Sam. In situations where Sam is supposed to get hurt or injured, the opposite of it happens. The other person would get hurt instead of her. And every time an incident would occur, the same boy-the one with pale white skin, cuts and bruises, ice blue lips-would appear before her. Ever since, Sam has been trying to avoid danger or anything that would get herself or others hurt, thinking that if she did this, the boy wouldn't ever appear again or would just disappear.

Sam was sitting on her bed doing her homework. She sighed and fell back onto her pillows. She heard her phone vibrate and checked her phone. It was a text message from Tyson. "Do you mind if i come over? I'm worried about you!" Sam didn't really want him to come over since she wasn't in the mood. But she didn't want to be mean so she replied, "Sure, why not?" and sent it. A few minutes later, Tyson arrived and they both went upstairs to Sam's room. They talked for a while about what happened at school last time and then moved onto another topic.

Tyson moved closer to Sam which shocked her a bit. "Umm...Sam." he blushed. "Err...yeah?" Sam replied. "You see...I like..." Tyson stopped talking as he saw the shocked expression on Sam's face. But it wasn't what Tyson said she was shocked at, it was because of something else. Confused, Tyson asked her, "What's wrong? What are you looking at?" Tyson asked and turned around. The horrified expression crossed his face as he saw the mysterious boy standing in front of him. Like before, he was covered in bruises, scratches, skin as pale as snow, lips nice blue, tattered clothes and his eyes...his eyes were full of fury.

Tyson was so shocked he couldn't breathe or move. Tyson was about to move in front of Sam to protect her but...it was too late. The boy threw Tyson across the room like he was just a toy and Tyson slammed on the wall, cracking it along with some of the bones in his body. He went unconscious. Sam screamed in horror and took a scissor from her desk, trying to defend herself. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!!!" Sam shouted, her voice and hands trembling. "I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU!!! I DON'T KNOW WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE!! BUT YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ME EVER SINCE!!"Sam shouted as her tears overflowed. "Whatever you're trying to do here, you have got to stop it! Why are you doing all those things? Was it to protect me? Why?" Sam sobbed. The boy didn't answer. "Why?" Sam asked again in a pleading voice.

The boy hesitated for a long time. He stared at the floor, almost looking very sad. He looked up, with tears in his eyes, the words he spoke were gentle and soft, almost like a whisper. He looked at Sam with very sad eyes and said, "Because I Love You."