Friday, 25 April 2014

Murder Kills (Free Verse Poem Written in 9th Grade)

Murder Kills (Free Verse)
The once perfect family
Were wiped out off the face of this Earth
Red and blue sirens scream in the air
Yellow tape surrounds the now abandoned house
Blood, gore, red crimson splattered on every corner
The strong scent of rust and salt fill your nostrils

People are protesting and enraged
Oceans of tears are shed within minutes
Cries ringing in the winter air
Shouts and orders resound in the chilly air
Your heavy footsteps and breathing are clear in your ears
Panic and terror, making your blood run cold
With shaking hands, you dropped the heavy weapon and kept running

They were so innocent, so harmless, so guiltless
You took them away
But don’t know why you committed that sin
The sin you never thought would consume you one day
But now you run away and hide
You’re afraid…afraid of facing your fears

You try to run
But there’s nowhere to run
You try to hide
But there’s nowhere to hide
The law is after you and your life
So you beg on your knees and ask for forgiveness

They’ll look at you with disbelief and disgust
And lock you up behind metal bars
You cry because you can’t take back your actions
You’ll tell them you were depressed
Cause you had nothing
You’ll tell them you were angry
Cause no one understood you
You’ll tell them you were upset
And never meant it

 You thought letting it all out on someone else
Would fix everything like it was supposed to
But it didn’t after all and now you’re mourning for freedom
For a second chance at starting life again
But it haunts you now and it will haunt you forever
You awake from nightmares of their screams and cries
So you stood there with mad and crazed eyes
The bits and pieces of your sanity…slowly fading away

With one last shaky breath, you ask yourself
“Is this what they mean by ‘murder kills’?”
A nervous laugh escaped your lips
“God forgive me…”
In one rapid movement, you ended everything yourself

With one big final…BANG

Revenge After Death (Written by me in 7th grade)

Theme: Horror, blood, gore and Suspense.
Setting: At a school called St. Sherman High School.
Characters: Emily- quiet, pretty, smart, new student, 16 years old.
Selene-  snobby, bossy, popular, pretty, arrogant, threatening, 16 years old.
Jake-  good-looking, kind, smart, 16 years old, popular.
It all started when Emily went to a new school called St, Sherman High school. Today was her first day there and she feels very nervous. She’s scared that she wouldn’t fit it and make friends with the other kids. But she had a bit of confidence. She went up the stairs, through the double doors and into the school. She went to the office to get her locker combination and paper files. “I’ll help you find your locker.” said a boy with dark hair. He was also very good-looking. “Ummm…ok.” Emily said nervously. “I’m Jake.” He smiled. “Emily.” Both of them shook hands. As they walked out of the office, Emily noticed a pretty blonde girl in full-on pink glaring at her with scary green eyes. Emily looked away in an instant. “So, here’s your locker.” Jake pointed out. “oh, thanks.” Emily smiled. “No problem.” Jake winked and walked away. ‘Seems like a nice guy’, thought Emily. Time passed by really quickly. And before you know it, it’s lunchtime. Emily put all her books in her locker and headed to the cafeteria. She took a lunch tray and some snacks and sat at an empty table. Listening to music, eating and reading a book at the same times, Jake comes along and sits in front of Emily with a lunch tray. “Can I sit here?” Jake asked. Emily looked up from her book with a smile. “Oh, sure, I don’t mind.” She replied. Emily took out her earphones out of her ears and put her book and MP3 aside. As they begin to start a conversation, Emily begins to think that she’s starting to make new friends.

Finally, school ends and Emily sighs in relief. ‘That went alright.’ She thought to herself. She took all her homework books and placed them in her bag and closed her locker. “Hey, Emily!” Jake called out from behind her. “Oh, hey.” Emily replied. “Hey, meet me at the fishing harbour at 5:00pm. Could you make it?” Jake asked with pleading eyes. Emily thought hesitantly. “Hmm…sure. Why not?” She said with a smile. “Good! See ya there!” Jake said and ran off. Emily chuckled and walked out of the school. As she was walking towards a big tree, the pretty blonde girl she saw earlier grabbed her collar and smashed her against the tree with a THUD! “Ow!” Emily yelled. She wasn’t alone though, two other friends were next to her. “Go, Selena!” one of her friends yelled. ‘So her name is Selena, huh?” Emily thought. “Listen here, you dull girl! Don’t try taking Jake all for yourself! He’s mine! If I ever see you talk or hang with him again, I am going to rip you off the surface of this world! Meaning, I am going to make your life HORRIBLE!! Don’t think that he likes you in ‘that way’! He doesn’t!! He will only like ME!! You got that?! Stay away from him!!” Selena said with scary whisper, almost like she was screaming. Emily nodded. As soon as she finished, she let go of Emily’s collar and walked away. Emily sighed, picked her bag and walked home. A few hours later, it was 5:00pm and Emily has arrived at the fishing harbour. She realised that Jake was already waiting and looked at Emily’s direction. “Hey!” He waved. Emily waved back and ran over to him. “Are you sure it’s safe here? Because sharp, pointy rocks surround this harbour.” Emily worriedly said. “Oh no, it’s fine. This harbour has wooden fences around it. So it’s safe.” Jake smiled. As they were going into a friendly conversation, Selena stands hidden behind a tree, ready to attack. She steps out of the shadows and walks over to Jake and Emily. Selena tightened her hands in a ball of fists and runs after Emily. “DIE IN HELL!!!” Selena shouted. She pushed Emily, breaking the fence that surrounds the harbour. Landing back first, the sharp rocks sliced through her spilling blood everywhere! Jake gasped, but Selena had a smirk on her face. “Why the hell did you do that?!” shouted Jack. “She deserves it.” Replied Selena. Selena realized Jake was on his phone. “Hello, police. I’ve seen a person commit murder right in front of my eyes! Please, come quickly!” Jack shouted and hung up after. After a few minutes, several police cars arrived and took Selena away. She tried to set herself free and kept on shoving the police men but she was already put into the police car. Starting from today, Selena will be experiencing what it would be like to be a criminal.

It is day three now in prison, and Selena feels as if someone is right next to her…watching her. Then there is…the voice. “Seleeena. Seleeena.” The voice whispered. “No! No! Stop! Please!” she screamed. Selena ran to the bars and shook it. As if she was going crazy. “Please! Someone! You got to let me out of her! I’m innocent! PLEASE!!” Selena shouted. “Pffft! As if! You should of thought before you killed that innocent girl!” the guard said and walked away. She sat on her bed with her hands covering her face and rocking back and forth. “It’s okay. I’m just probably imagining things. There’s no such thing as ghosts.” She whispered to herself over and over again. That was when she heard it again. “Selena…why did you kill me? You will pay back…WITH YOUR LIFE!!!” The voice said. ‘Kill? You mean…the voice is…Emily?’ Selena thought. The light bulb started to flicker and everything in her cell started to move. Then Selena noticed footprints of blood…heading her direction. After a few seconds, Emily appears. Slowly walking towards Selena, she raises an arm to grab Selena, with blood dripping from her hands. Her whole body was covered in blood. She was also wearing the same clothes from before. From the day Selena killed her. The wholes that the rocks left were still there. But it wasn’t her body that frightened Selena the most, it was her face. She had glowing red, blank eyes, and blood on her face with open scar wounds around her head. She was also crying…but the thing is…her tears…were BLOOD. Her hair was all messed up. Some of it were covering half of her face. Selena couldn’t move. She was all frozen. But the thing that made her scream, was when Emily lifted her other hand that had…a knife in it. Selena screamed as loud as she could and started to throw her pillows and bed sheets around to make this horrible nightmare disappear. And it worked. She did disappear. Selena sighed in relief. “Thank god. It was just my imagination.” She said. Then she gasped. “Th-th-the footprints! I-it’s there!!” She exclaimed. Looking at the floor, where the bloody footprints were.

It is now morning and Selena hasn’t slept a second last night. “Breakfast!” one of the guards said and pushed a tray of porridge through a gap under the bars. It was porridge to other people’s eyes, but to Selena’s eyes, it was blood and organs! Her eyes went wide in horror and she hid under the blankets. “Ok, fine. Don’t complain if you’re hungry later on.” The guard said and walked away. Visions of last night started popping in Selena’s mind. The blood, the holes in her stomach, the scars, the red glowing eyes and……her voice. She starts weeping and crying. She ripped the pillow and blankets in half, she starts to run around like crazy and starts screaming. All the other prisoners stared at her in confusion and disgust. Because she was scratching the walls ‘til her fingers were bleeding. Until her nails came right off her fingers! With the blood from her fingers, she wrote on the wall, ‘HELP ME’. Then she just sat there, on the bed, blank-minded. Staring at the footprints Emily has left. ‘So it wasn’t a dream?’ she thought to herself. She pushed herself closer to the corners of the wall. As time passes by, Selena falls asleep. Selena jerked awake from loud noises that seem to ring in her ears. She squeezed her ears shut and screamed. 

“GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!” she screamed. “Please!! Stop!! Please…” she begged. “Does it hurt, Selena? Can you feel the pain? Does it hurt? It hurt doesn’t it? That was how I felt when you pushed me off the harbour!!” Emily said. That’s when she appeared. The hair, the eyes, the scars, the blood, they were all part of Selena’s worst nightmares. “N-no, please, this can’t be! You were supposed to be a dream! A nightmare! You’re not true!” she said, shaking her head. “Yes, I was a nightmare. A nightmare some true!” Emily replied with a smirk. As she walks towards Selena holding up a knife in her hand, Selena backs away. “It’s your turn to feel the pain I felt when I died.” Emily said, ready to strike. “NO, NO, NO, NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Selena screamed, as the torture began.

Next morning, the guards found Selena hanging on the wall with a knife through her throat and skinned alive. There was blood everywhere. And all her organs were cut out of her stomach and thrown everywhere in the cell. The police have no evidence or idea of what has happened to her. They also found the footprints Emily left behind and the ‘Help Me’ that was written on the wall by Selena’s blood. But they also found something else that was written on the wall with Selena’s blood, and on the wall it said ‘I’m sorry. This was the only way for me to Rest In Peace. She deserved it anyways. Forgive me…Jake.’ They’ve investigated the situation for months but got nothing. Some of the prisoners there say that every night, when the clock strikes 12, they would hear the whispers of Emily and the screaming and crying of Selena in the very cell that Selena was tortured in. 

Note: Sorry if i'm never on but i WILL try to update as many times as possible ^_^ Anyways, hope you enjoyed my story :) I wrote it in 7th grade (i'm in 10th grade now) so sorry if it was a little crappy :P