Friday, 30 March 2012

My Sweetheart :)

Helloooooo every1!!! :):) how ya been?? i am great!!^^ studying for SOSE and English test on Monday :3 anywaaaays...not here to talk bout school <_< already did :) im here to talk bout my cousin's cat that we're taking care of!!! :) his name is Boofhead. He was named that coz his head is a bit big and boofy lolz he's a very gentle and cute cat :) COMEL KAN?!!!! :D around 4-5 years old and is an outside cat (mostly sleeps in my house). He is such a spoiled cat -.-" he gets warm milk, canned food and tummy rubs (24/7) everyday lol but he is sometimes so stubborn! he doesnt always eat his cat biscuits coz he KNOWS he'll b given milk or canned food >:o. Buuuut....he's so cuuute!!! he loves me the most^^ lol he loves sitting on my lap and sleeping on my bed :) he is a hunter! he hunts for birds and mice :P he also gets into fights .__. naughty little rascal! <_< anyways, he's like a son to me lol my baby <3 he is the sweetest thing!! <3 he loves people and fish lol i love to play with him and and cuddle him :):) he sometimes gets annoyed and kicks me lolz that happened a few times -__-" he LOVES me scent :3 thats y he always sleeps on my bed^^ he was stuffing his face in my armpits once! (my stink is like a drug lol jokessss) ahahaha anyways!!! that's all for today :) Annyeong!!! <3 Saranghae!! <3

Thursday, 29 March 2012

SHINee Sherlock (Kpop fans only)

To all SHINee faaaans!!!! Ahneyonhaseyo!! :):) if u didn't know, guess what?? SHINee's new album, Sherlock, is out!!!! :):) they've debuted 7 new songs- Sherlock (Clue+Note), Clue, Note, The Reason, Stranger, Alarm Clock and Honesty! :):) To those who already knew....its awesome right??!!!! :D:D i have seen the music vid of Sherlock (Clue+Note) and!!! To those who don't KNOW SHINee....(noobs...jokes) they are a korean boy band consisting of 5 members. (In the picture) from left to right- Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key. But from oldest to youngest-Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. :):) I know A LOT about them so....don't get me started lolz :P Their first debut was on 2008, when Taemin was still in his 3rd year of highschool. They have been to Singapore, Sydney, Russia, Paris, China, Japan, etc. (not fair at all) .___. Onew-22 years old, Jonghyun-21 years old, Key-20 years old, Minho-20 years old and Taemin-18 years old. Told u not to get me started :3 :P i know so much coz they're my Oppa's!!!! >_< i heard that they all haven't had a girlfriend yet so....HANDS OFF!!! THEY'RE MINE!!! <_< >_> just jokiiiing ^^...but girl deserves them ^_^ except the ones they wanna date.... O_O anyways....that's all...for now :P

S.C.H.O.O.L Six Crappy Hours Of Our Lives

aaawww!! look at that babyyyy!!! kawaaaiii!!! <3 ahem ahem anyways...Heyyyy ma peeps!! :):) sorry if i havent wrote anything, yeah??? something went wrong on my account -___-" dammit! anywaaaaays....a lot of exams are going on at schooool!! tiring me out maaan!! lol have to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! its been stressing me out lately... :/ but instead of studying.....i've been watching some japanese and korean dramas and......anime >_< .___. eeehhhhh....Atashi wa totemo tsukarate iru... that means "im so tired" in japanese ._. school school school...Six Crappy Hours Of Our Lives trolol :P i mean...i don't hate school or anything...its just....THE HOMEWORK, EXAM, TESTS, ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECTS!!! v_v its driving me insane!!! oh...sorry, yeah? im so crazy -.-" but i cant wait til the school holidays!!!! :D ive been waiting for yeeaaarrss!! :3 but this year...isnt so bad :/ i mean, new friends, new teachers :):)...thats awesome!!! ^_^ Atashi wa totemo tsukarate iru!!! >_<" i should b paid for going to school, because going to school, is like working at a job lol but nooooooooooo...all i get is sore legs, baggy and bloodshot eyes, less sleeping hours, more work, muscle aches and less concentration!!!! DX this is torture!!! DX....ok im done complaining...just gonna tell every1 one more may b hard, boring and long, but at least come to school for ur friends right?? :):) alriiiiiight thats all... Sayounara!!! ;)