Monday, 14 September 2015


Check out my new website!

Heyyy everyone!

I've actually moved all my work to another writing website where I have posted a lot more of my stories, poems, etc. So please check it out at:


I'm crazy and i love food,
It is who i am,
So even if you judge,
I won't give a damn.

Anime and manga is my life,
I love to sketch and read too,
There are many things you don't know,
But I'm willing to share it with you.

This is just some random poem,
I made for odd reasons,
So you could just skip this all,
I won't take it as treason.

I come from a world of insanity,
People think I'm in humane,
Not because I'm cruel or evil,
But because I'm insane.

So once you've finished reading this,
I hope you will realize,
That this post i just posted,
Was a waste of your time.