Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Young Slayer (Story written by me in 8th grade)

Note: Heyyy guyss~! This is a short vampire story written by me in 8th grade. I changed the title since the other one didn't sound as good ^^Sorry i didn't proof read the story so i sincerely apologize if their are grammar mistakes :) Anyways, hope you guys like the story (especially the ending) ^,_,^ See you laterz~! :D

Young Slayer
Chapter One-A New Beginning, A New Life
My heavy breathing filled the chilly air as I ran through the dark, wet forest. If you’re wondering if I’m late for something, trying to find someone or lost something, you’re wrong. I was running away from something. I was running away from a vampire. “Laura!! Get back here! Right now!” the loud booming voice demanded. Oh no! There it is again! Fear struck me to the core, again. I ran faster, ignoring the twigs stabbing into my feet and the branches scratching my sides, legs and arms, soaking my whole body and clothes in my own blood. The very blood this vampire is craving for. “You won’t get away!! Your blood, your blood is MINE!!” the man shouted with hunger. Tears spilled out of my eyes and down my soft porcelain skin that is now covered in blood and dirt. I sobbed quietly, hoping the man won’t notice. “Aww…is my sweet Laura crying? Come, I’ll dry those tears. AND THAT DELICIOUS BLOOD FILLED BODY OF YOURS!!!” he growled in hunger, followed by the evilest laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. As I saw a bright light in front of me at the end of the forest, I felt a pinch of hope as I ran for it. I was about to reach the end, when I tripped and fell face flat on the muddy ground.
I quickly got up but was grabbed by the arm by someone. I turned back to stare into a pair of bright, blood red eyes, showing how hungry and obsessed the man was with my blood. He went for my neck and his fangs stabbed into the soft flesh. I screamed.

As I shot up to a sitting position on my bed, my whole body was drowned in sweat as my heavy breathing filled my bedroom. I held my hand to my chest to calm my fast beating heart. When I’ve calmed down, I sighed and shifted until I sat on the edge of my bed. “Laura? Are you up yet? Breakfast is ready!” Maria, my aunty, called from downstairs. “Yes, Aunt Maria!” I replied. I stood up and walked over to my closet to look for something to wear today. I took out a pair of light blue ripped skinny jeans, Adidas high tops, a branded shirt and a white vest, setting it out on my now made bed. I took a clean towel and under clothes and went straight into the shower. As I stood under the warm water, I thought about the dream I had. I’ve had that dream for weeks now. The same old dream night after night. It’s getting a little creepy now. Pushing that away let me introduce myself first. Hi, my name is Laura Winter and I’m 16 years old, still in high school. I live in a small town called Georgetown in the US. I live with my Aunt in a beautiful baby blue two storey house. I’ve lived with her ever since my parents…died from a burning house. I swallowed back tears and tried not to recover the horrible memories of my parent’s dead bodies. I shook away the shattered memories and washed out the last bit of shampoo from my hair. I got out of the shower and dried myself as quickly as I can. I changed into my clothes and ran downstairs.

I stopped myself to breathe in the wonderful scent of bacon, eggs, toast and hot chocolate. I sat down in my chair as Aunt Maria placed the plate of food in front of me. I shoved a forkful of egg as my Aunt stared at me with a raised eyebrow. I finished my food and gulped down the last bit of my hot chocolate. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hands and placed my plate in the sink. “Thanks for the breakfast Aunt Maria. I loved it!” I said with a huge grin. A warm smile appeared on her face and I just knew there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. “Are you going to go out today, honey?” She asked. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m gonna go practice in the woods, near the pond again.”
“Oh, okay. Be careful okay? Don’t be there for too long.” She said with a worried tone. I smiled softly and hugged her. “Don’t worry about me. Look after yourself. I’ll be back soon.” I whispered the last part to comfort her. As I walked to the door, I grabbed my violin case and swung the straps over the shoulder. But the thing is, it doesn’t only carry my violin, but also a weapon of killing, my red Katana. Oh, did I mention I was a vampire slayer? The youngest slayer in history too.

When I reached the pond, I placed my violin case on the old, rusty bench and took a breath before unlocking it. I took out the fragile instrument and positioned it to my neck. Before playing, I took in all the beautiful scenery around me; the colourful blooming flowers, the tall healthy trees, the sound of birds chirping and the soft calming sound of running water. I really loved this place; it always calmed my head and soothed my emotions. No matter how many times I visited this place, it always seems so amazingly peaceful. This place brought back memories, memories of my beautiful mother, Elizabeth, and my strong, handsome father, Daniel. I smiled as I remembered my mum playing the violin so beautifully to me and my dad. And now that violin has been passed down to me. I closed my eyes and started playing the songs my mother taught me when I was really young…before she died. I moved my hand gracefully over the strings, making every note and rhythm perfect. I finished and breathed a sigh, wiping the tears that had spilled from my eyes. I placed the instrument back into its case before taking out my deadly weapon, my Katana. Unsheathing the razor sharp blade, I went over with my fingers over the Japanese writings that have been printed on the metal blade, revealing the powerful magic that has been cast onto the weapon, to make slaying vampires easier. But unfortunately, I haven’t fully mastered the power nor have I mastered half.

It was used to kill the same old vampires that I’m sure, burned down my parents’ house and them along with it. The thought of it made my blood boil as I swung the blade, slicing through a tree in front of me. The cut wasn’t that deep but it still left a deep burnt mark. ‘I’m not strong enough!’, I thought to myself, ‘I need to become stronger!’ I swung the blade around, doing some stunts and tricks with it. Following what my father thought me, I was actually pretty good for a 16-year-old. Panting hard, I walked over to the bench and collapsed on it, taking a break, also remembering to sheath my blade and put it back into its case. I stretched out my legs and arms and yawned. Feeling the exhaustion taking over, I fought to keep my eyes open. But slowly, my eyes gave up to unconsciousness and I fell asleep.

My eyes shot open as I heard an ear threatening scream through the woods. Shit! I must’ve fallen asleep! My eyes searched through the trees for any signs of threat, but nothing. I stood up only to hear another painful scream. ‘I gotta get home! And fast!’ I mentally told myself. I grabbed my case and dashed through the woods. I ran like a mad man, hoping I could get home without trouble. That hopeful moment was ruined when I collided with someone, a human girl. I was about to run again when the girl grabbed my shoulder tightly. “Please!!! You have to help me!! He’s after me!! He’s going to kill me!!” She screamed and panicked. My eyes widened more when I saw that she was covered in blood, especially around the neck area. I nodded. “Come with me. We have to hurry and get you home. And fast.” I insisted, quietly. She nodded and through her red, puffy eyes, I could sense gratefulness. We hurriedly walked towards the exit of the woods, when I felt a pair of hands grab the girl’s arms and pull her back. “There you are. Don’t run from me again. I’m not done with you.” The man slightly narrowed his eyes at her, tugging on her arm. Before she could scream again, he covered her mouth. I swiftly took out my blade and unsheathed it, standing in a fighting position. “Let her go, you MONSTER!” I screamed in a demanding tone. My sword trembling in my hands as the man let out a loud, deep laugh. It echoed through the dark woods as fear started to take over.

The man turned to me and a smirk appeared on his face. ‘Oh shit! He can probably hear how fast my heart is beating right now!’ I screamed in my head. He chuckled huskily and looked straight into my eyes, his red eyes fading to a beautiful blue. ‘This is the first time I have encountered a real vampire! What do I do?! I’ve trained but I haven’t actually fought a real one! Crap! I shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the first place!’ I panicked and mentally slapped myself. I snapped out of my thought when the man sighed, looking bored. I narrowed my eyes at him. “Let go of her I said!! If you don’t, I’ll cut your arms off!! You bloody vampires make me sick!! Why don’t you all just burn in hell?! Ugh!” I spat at him before I could stop myself. I almost jumped out of my skin when the man growled loudly at me. “WHAT…DID YOU JUST SAY!!!” he roared. I flinched and took a step back. “You Vampire Slayers are always so arrogant!” He spat back, “You disturbed my meal. And now…you’re going to pay by being the substitute!” My breathe caught in my throat as my sword flew from my hands and landed a couple of metres away. My hand throbbed painfully as I cradled it close to my chest. ‘I…am so dead.’ I thought.

“Jake, erase this girls memories and send her off” the man said, gesturing to the girl in his hands. Huh? Who was he talking to? In a blink of an eye, a well-built man with dirty blonde hair appeared out of nowhere and took the girl by the arm. She tried to struggle and thrashed around, screaming to let her go. The blonde put his hand in front of her face and she suddenly went limp and fainted. He threw her over his shoulder and was about to walk away when his dark green eyes stared into my hazel ones. “What about the slayer?” he asked. “I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry.” He replied with a smirk. My body shook in fear. What did he mean by that? Was he going to kill me? I’m such a weak slayer! The blonde nodded and disappeared in a split second. I was finally able to move my feet as I took off in the opposite direction, hoping I’d catch him by surprise. I thought I was finally going to get away when I was slammed into a tree.

I winced in pain and stared into beautiful blue orbs. “Told you not to run.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. And that’s when something caught me off guard, the man’s perfect features. Honestly, this man was extremely good-looking; perfect jaw structure, dark choppy hair, tanned skin, well-built toned body and also amazingly tall too. I mentally slapped myself for checking out my enemy. I think I felt my heart skip a beat. No Laura! Focus! Snap out of it! “I’ll make this quick so don’t move.” He said, motioning for my neck and covering my mouth in case I screamed. Tears threatened to fall but I held them back. He pinned me to the tree as one of his hands held mine above my head while the other turned my head to reveal soft flesh. He bit down hard as I let out a painful and deafening scream that unfortunately, wasn’t loud enough because of his hand. I felt myself sliping in and out of unconsciousness as he drank from me. He was taking too much. If this continues…Before I knew it, I was surrounded by darkness as I drifted off to unconsciousness.

I slowly opened my eyes but quickly covered it with my hands because of the too bright light. I groaned as my head and neck throbbed in pain. I gasped. The memories from last night came flooding back to me; the girl, the blood, the man…the bite. I bolted up in bed and mentally cursed myself. My hand tightened into fists as I felt my blood beginning to boil but a little bit of fear still remained. I was interrupted when I realised what room I was in. I was on a king sized bed with a warm comforter, the room was green themed with everything in place and organized. Wait! What am I thinking?! Admiring the room my kidnappers are holding me in! Ugh! “That damn vampire! That bastard! How dare he-“ I was cut off by a knock on the door. “Laura? Are you awake?” a familiar voice said. When he walked in, I instantly recognised the dark choppy hair and blue eyes. I gasped and bolted off the bed to get to the far wall. “YOU!! THE CREEP THAT KIDNAPPED ME AND ALMOST KILLED ME!!” I spat, grabbing a lamp from the table, trying to defend myself with it. A laugh was heard when a familiar dirty blonde, Jake as I remembered clearly, stepped out from behind the man.

“Haha. Man are you gonna take that, Luke? She totally insulted you!” Jake laughed. Luke sent him a killing glare which instantly shut him up. “You’re coming with us.” He said seriously. Before I could protest, both men were at my sides, one hand on my arms and the other on my shoulders. They shoved me out of the room and into a nicely decorated hall. “Hey!! Stop it!! Where are you taking me?!” I questioned harshly. “You’ll see.” Jake winked. They lead me to a tall white door and opened the door and shoved me inside, closing the door before I could do anything. I banged on the door to let me out but was cut off by a too familiar voice. “Stop that Laura. That’s enough.” I turned around and thought my heart was going to stop. My next words changed my past, my present, the future and my life. Even painful memory flooded back in my mind as I tried to register to what’s happening and that’s when it hit me. And what I was about to say came out in a whisper as my voice trembled. “Dad?”