Monday, 28 July 2014

Another Hand (Scary Monsters Poem)

Another Hand

They hide in your closet
They hide behind your door
You know they are close
When you hear tapping on the floor.

You hear voices from the darkness
Whispering for you to come
You shut your eyes and ears
Hearing your heart beat thrum.

There are shadows on your walls
That disappear when you turn
They run around to taunt you
But they're closeness become a concern.

There's scraping on the wooden floor
But fear is holding back curiosity
So you lie as still as possible
Hoping it will disappear quickly.

You hear loud breathing in the silence
But it isn't yours
Then you hear constant clicking
Of the closing and opening of doors

All of a sudden the noise comes to a stop
And the silence suffocates you
But you dare not make a sound
Silently wishing this nightmare isn't true.

Then something is heard
And your ears perk up to the sound
Listening closely and carefully 
For the noise to be found.

You're scared to look 
When you suddenly hear your door open
Slowly creaking and squeaking
As your whole body is frozen.

You quickly reach over for your lamp
Before they get to you
But as your hand lands on the switch
You feel another hand there too.

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