Friday, 1 August 2014

The Darkness is Me (Poem)

Note: Heyyy guysss~ :) It's been awhile and as you can see, this is the second poem I wrote and posted :) I don't know but i just feel like I'm in the mood for poetry since this term, for English, we are doing Poetry :) This poem is about being consumed by the darkness  that is hiding deep within all our minds. Basically it's kind of like losing your sanity and feeling as if you're not you anymore...Anyways, you'll see it in the poem! Enjoy! :))

The Darkness is Me

I'm surrounded by darkness,
I wonder why,
I cannot see anything,
Am i blind?

I feel like I'm being consumed,
From the head to the ground,
Somebody please help me,
I feel like I'm being drowned.

Is this a nightmare?
I can't open my eyes,
I'm scared, I'm crying,
Am I going to die?

I hear voices from a distance,
It must be mom and dad,
But they are crying loudly,
Have I been bad?

I hear another voice, 
That sounds just like me,
Who is that person,
Controlling my body?

I can't scream,
I can't shout,
I cry for anyone,
To let me out.

Someone please help me,
I can't control my hands,
I'm going to hurt the people I love,
I don't understand.

I'm confused and scared,
My body won't listen,
My parents aren't moving,
And I feel so shaken.

My vision clears and there's blood,
But I finally feel free,
Not knowing that the darkness,
Was actually me. 

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